Downtube bikes- BEWARE! Owner DOES NOT CARE about customers

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Downtube bikes- BEWARE! Owner DOES NOT CARE about customers

Postby Guest on Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:59 pm

I recently purchased their Full Suspension model. Based on their listed dimensions I bought a Dahon Airporter suitcase. Their FAQ's page also had a link which stated that the bike would fit in the Airporter with no disassembly.
When I got the bike, it did not fit in the Airporter by several inches. Looking at Downtube's website, the folding demo video shows an older different design for the folding headset area.

The Airporter would cost over $75 to return ship.

Also, the main body folding hinge pin was very difficult to engage - the hinge doesn't line up precisely so closing it requires a difficult forceful motion that takes many tries.

When I emailed the company owner Yan detailed info about these issues including photos & video, the process went like this:

-No response for over a week.
-I then sent him another email asking if he had seen my email.
-He quickly emailed back that he had been very very sick for a week and would be getting to past emails.
-Another week passed (maybe even 10 days)
-I emailed him again with another video and suggesting several proposed resolutions to my problems.

-He replied with an acknowledgement that the dimensions of the bike have changed but that it should fit in the Airporter with some creative disassembly. He also said my hinge operation seemed normal from the videos I sent. (I need the bike & suitcase for daily use/storage so lots of disassembly is not practical)

NO apology for listing the wrong dimensions, NO indication that he would immediately update them on the site, NO answers to several of my other questions.

When I again told him that I bought the bike and the Airporter based on his wrong specs, he didn't seem to care at all, and simply said that he would extend the return policy by two weeks (I could pay $80-100 to ship the bike back to him).

The bottom line is the Yan DOES NOT CARE about his customers or customer service in any way.
The bike seems to ride nicely but his terrible attitude makes me wonder what corners have been cut with the bikes.

Re: Downtube bikes- BEWARE! Owner DOES NOT CARE about customers

Postby davidarknight on Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:37 am

it since like the service is very bad ?
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